Devotionals sprinkled with pieces of Candy Canes!!!

Devotionals sprinkled with pieces of Candy Canes!!!

●○●○●○Hey yall heeeeyyyyy!!!!○●○●○●

My name is Candyce and I am super excited about getting started in this blogging world. For the past few years I have created devotionals and would send them out to individuals that God placed on my heart. When I originally started sending them via text message, it would only be to a couple of people and kind of spread out  (no real consistency).  The responses from the individuals who I sent them to caught me by surprise! Their responses alot of the time would say WOW! I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THAT TODAY or THANK YOU! I REALLY ENJOY READING THESE BECAUSE THEY REALLY HELP ME ALOT!

God was developing and pruning me to be able to share His word with others. I remember laying in bed one night thinking maybe I should send out more messages to people and put them on FB and IG as a form of witnessing. So of course when you want to do the right thing for the kingdom  the enemy starts feeding you lies like not everyone wants to hear the truth, you’re not qualified enough to send those out, do you really think that someone’s going to listen to the queen of mess ups etc. At that point in time not knowing what was happening behind the scenes of God’s plan for my life, He orchestrated the perfect amount of time that I needed to share with many other people. My send out list has grown tremendously and I can see how God is really moving forward in those individuals lives.

It wasn’t a magical poof type of knowledge that came upon me, I had to dive deeper into the word of God to truly understand the meanings of the scriptures to be able to share them. God revealed so much to me that at one point I felt a little overwhelmed and unworthy. It seemed like every time I wanted to stop sharing someone would text, call or meet up with me to share what my messages meant to them. That was God affirming my purpose!! So this is why I wanted to start this blog so I can reach as many people who hunger and thirst for the knowledge of God!

I will definitely add that it was not my “plan” to send out devotionals and share God’s word to this degree. Like one of my favorite scriptures say “For I know the plans that I have for you ,declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11 Learning that His plan is the best plan, has been one of my greatest struggles because it causes discomfort, removal from the known/comfort zone into the uncertainties of life. I have relocated back to Houston after living and teaching in the San Antonio area for 4 years. Talk about a life change and moving from certain to uncertain. God has prepared me for this move even when I doubted His actions and plan. I would not trade this experience for anything. Everything happens for a reason and I thank Him for allowing me to reconnect with my family and friends that I left when I moved away. I am even more grateful for the special people that I have met since I moved to SA. You will always be in my heart ♡ and prayers. I don’t believe in mistakes and I KNOW that God is in control of all things! One of my jewels that I live by is WATCH GOD HAPPEN!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I put devotionals sprinkled with pieces of Candy Canes. My nickname growing up was Miss Candy Cane so I thought it would be a cute idea to have that incorporated with  the word devotionals. I love love love to change my hair and looks, as you can probably tell from my picture LoL! Also I will be adding more stories and more glimpses of who I am so please stay tuned in!!!!!



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