Kissing my 20’s Goodbye


I decided to blog my last 21 days of my 20’s. I will post each day leading up to my BIG 30!!!The purpose of this is to truly reflect on all of the events that have transpired in my life, which have led me to this very moment in time. I just thank God for where He has brought me out of and to where I am now. Hope you enjoy my journey/adventure as much as I am. Buckle up folks!!!

DAY 21: 12:02 AM January 1,2016: *GASPS FOR AIR* “OH MY GOSH I WILL BE 30 IN EXACTLY 21 DAYS OH WOOOOW!!!”… I decided that I was going to blog my last weeks of my 20’s. REVELATION: spent time with my family and was reminded that I am rich in love and that’s all that matters. A thought about marriage and babies briefly came in my mind then exited stage left pretty quickly LoL! I reminded myself to enjoy my current moment with my family that I will never get back.

DAY 20: I had no desire to get out of the bed and do anything today. I had been feeling blahhhhhhh and I wasn’t sure why. I’m not sure if it’s a getting older feeling or a just because feeling?!? First let me tell you about some amazing sister-friends that I m so blessed to have in my life. They say if you want to see what your future will look like, look at what the closest people to you are doing. And honey let me tell you that they are doing some AMAZING things. They helped me to get going and back on track with my blogging plans and ideas.  I decided to get up and finish my devotional from December 30th and 31st. That also lit the spark I needed to get up, so I started a new devotional and filled out my calendar to start my organization for the new year! I looked in the mirror to see if I had any signs of aging and laughed at myself for putting so much thought into this turning 30! When I was 18, I had my life planned out and I was married with 3 boys as a Hospital Administrator by the age of 30. Boy was I off by a long shot. I have none of those things and clearly God did not have ANY of that apart of His plan for my life. I am reminded that His plan is SO MUCH GREATER THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! My Scripture for the day is Hebrews 13:20-21

May He equip you with all you need for doing His will, may He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to Him, all glory to Him forever and ever! AMEN

He is definitely equipping me for His plan for my life and I thank Him for it. I am not sure what God has for my life but I am confident in knowing that everything that I am going through is preparation for my next season… I am constantly reminded that this season is temporary so I better enjoy it now!! I ❤ this preparation time. Yes I am in storms but I am choosing to dance through the storm and rain!!!!!!!


Stay tuned….



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