When Sunday comes!!!!!


There’s a gospel song that came to my mind called When Sunday comes . That song talks about how Jesus rose on the 3rd day with all power in His hands. No this isn’t a post about Easter Sunday, just incase you were wondering LoL.
Answer these few questions:

1. How do you feel physically, spiritually and emotionally on Sundays?
2. Do you have the same excited feeling on Sundays as you do on other days of the week?
3. What significance do you think Sundays play in your life?
4. Does Sunday have a special place in your heart?

Those are some questions that I want you to be honest with yourself so that you will start to understand the significance of Sundays.

Now back to the title of the song When Sunday comes ,that was such a powerful day that spoke volumes about the power of God. Jesus was sent to save mankind from sin and to make more disciples. So when that Sunday came, it caused such an uproar and feelings of comfort for those who already followed him. I said all of that and asked those questions to help you reexamine your life as a believer and disciple. Do you get that same feeling of excitement and power when you arise everyday about God’s glory? Do you treat each day as a powerful gift that God has blessed you with? Do you take time to read His word and apply it to your life so that you will live a glorious life? Are you growing through your tough times and being challenged by what you are reading in the bible? There will never be any real growth if you aren’t challenged and learning more. I encourage you to grow your faith and if you have backed away from God, I pray that you go back to church to be among other believers. He created church buildings for a reason and they are there to gather along with other Christians that are on the same journey that you are on to help encourage you. Don’t forget that you are the church and are called to assemble with other like minded believers.

Sunday is a GLORIOUS day… we will have another “Sunday” when Jesus returns and that my friends will be GLORIOUS!!! View everyday as that Glorious Sunday when Christ arose. What a marvelous and powerful message day that was!!!!


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