Kissing my 20’s Goodbye…..

Day 16: After staying up until a little after 2 AM I would say that my body is.. “trying” to get it together. I had a very uplifting time with a dear woman from my church. We talked about pretty much anything you can imagine. She gave me some amazing advice and insight about turning 30. My main take away was that God will blow your mind because He has a greater plan than we can ever imagine. My life is not what I planned on it being at this point and time but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Ok so back to this morning: I woke up about 8ish and got the idea that I would go workout sometime today. Mind you I haven’t been to a gym in probably a years time. Confession: I have a membership and I never got around to using it 😦. Sad I know and SMH at myself! But TODAY I VOWED… that will NO LONGER TAKE PLACE *STANDING IN THE MIRROR LIKE WONDER WOMAN* I am determined to get back tight and right AND stay that way. I hear all the time that your metabolism starts slowing down once you get 30 and I DO NOT want that to happen to me honey!! So here’s my before my workout picture:


As you can probably tell… I look SUPER PUMPED about it right?!? And thinking I can bounce back quickly like I have before. Oh was I in for a rude awakening once I got to the gym. Fast forward to driving into the parking lot. So I get there and of course there are lots of people with the same mindset I have but looking WAY more tight and right than I am currently. I walked in and headed straight to the restroom to give myself a pep talk and to try and remember what each machine did without me looking like that “first time person”. I mapped out in my head my attack method and what areas I wanted to work on first. So I started with the bike. Not too bad you would say right. FIRST off I couldn’t even locate the cup/phone holder to put my phone in. I knew they had them because at my other gym it had it. So I told myself I’m NOT going to be looking and searching this machine looking like a first timer so just hold your phone. And that’s exactly what I did SMH! I did that for about 7 minutes while I looked around the gym for other machines that I wanted to do without looking like a first timer. Yes it took my 7 minutes to find my next machine. I’m blaming that one on my 30’s brain LoL! So I get to my next machine and of course the big question what’s your age? So I felt as if I was 30 thinking it was going to let me know that I’m not too far off with my heart rate since I hadn’t worked out in a very long time. OH BOY was I WRONG… HONEY that thing probably wanted to yell at me and say GET OFF BECAUSE YOUR HEART RATE IS WAY TOO HIGH OR YOU ARE NOT 30 YEARS OLD MISSY!!! It kept slowing down my pace to bring my heart rate back down to normal to the point where I thought I was crawling. That was motivation for me to keep working out so that my HR will be normal. I was so tickled at myself and I know people were looking at me (well in my mind). I started comparing myself with others in the gym which is a big no no BUT I looked at it as motivation. So as I walked out of the gym oh and I did 3 machines whoop whoop, I will be working out almost everyday now so I can keep my metabolism up and functioning properly! I tell myself I will NOT let 30 keep me down. I actually wasn’t tired afterwards so I got another grand idea of going to the grocery store. What I’m about to tell you I can not make this up, God has such a great sense of humor and mixed with my silliness it was Hilarious.

I walk into HEB without a list which is not me at all. Soooooooo… That was No No #1. I was in my workout clothes which was a tshirt and workout tights NO NO #2 for me. I had a jacket on so I thought it would help some. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that thinks this when they are in stores but… Do you feel like people are staring and or following you? Well I did but I will blame that on my No No list as stated above. I’m walking down the aisles trying to figure out what I wanted to buy when I looked back behind me at a gentleman that seemed to be following me so with my eyes big I turned around and sped off the aisle to the clear zone. I will never know if he in fact was following me but in my head HE WAS. After that I went over to the produce because everyone knows that you can’t workout and not have the right food to follow it. I located 2 gentleman in 2 different locations and who wants to be approached at the grocery store in workout clothes… NOT I!! So I did what any woman would do, avoid those areas. As I’m thinking oh good they didn’t see me… I look up and there’s one of the guys so I sped off again in the opposite direction to another part of the produce and guess what happened… The other guy comes over there so in my head I’m like OH NO I GOTTA RUN! But of course I would look like a crazy woman. I totally left the produce section to what I thought was a safe zone. Oh was I WRONG AGAIN… The first guy that I “ran” away from found me but I was trapped and couldn’t run anywhere. In my head I had the whole scene played out by him sparking up a conversation and me freezing or laughing at him. There was only so much on that aisle I could pretend to look at. So as I began to turn around I took a deep breath to prepare myself for whatever was about to happen… NOTHING HAPPENED… HE DISAPPEARED 👀!! I completely had a whole scene going on in my head and I laughed at myself😆😆😆😆. I have no idea why I thought all of that in my head but it drove me crazy but it gave me some entertainment and something to share with you guys.

My evening ended with my mother and I watching War Room and me preparing her a yummy salad that I got from my grocery store adventure.

Stay tuned… I will combine Day 15 & 14  since this was a long post


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