3:2 Paths

Tonight’s post will be shorter because I want to leave you with some questions to reevaluate some things in your life. This idea was just laid on my heart. I titled this post Paths because we are all on a path of some sort. My path does not look like yours and vice versa. A dangerous outlook is comparison. What it all boils down to is, how are we utilizing the path that God created for us? I will admit that I have compared my path with other paths that my heart desired. For example, marriage and raising a family, traveling the world and having a certain type of lifestyle just to name a few. All that did was make me depressed, stagnant in every area of life, unhappy and miserable. I had to get to the point to where I was happy and content in both the good and the bad in my life. That only took place when I shifted my view from what I didn’t have to what I actually have right in front of me and within. One of the most awkward season that I went through was the season of moving back home, not having a job for some months and trying to find my place in church and home and with friends and family. But during that long season God was pruning me and molding me for this very moment as I’m preparing for my huge move to New York!! My path is tailor made just for me and God knows exactly why He chose me to carry it out. I do not have all of the answers to most of the questions that people ask me about my move. My one and only answer is God needs me there for an assignment. I honestly don’t know what it’s going to look like or what I will be doing BUT I will continue to watch God happen.

So here’s your questions for you to reflect on:

  1. What are you holding onto in this season that could be holding you back from getting to God’s path for you?
  2. Do you wish that your path was created differently?
  3. In a culture that prides itself on making a lot of money, do you get caught up in that sometimes?
  4. If God’s path for you included the very thing that you dislike the most, how would you approach your circumstances? (What would your attitude consist of)
  5. Does your current path fully represent Jesus? If not then what changes can be made to your path to match THE path made by God?

‘Til next time my loves!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “3:2 Paths

  1. I think bc I’m so ready for my next season, I struggle to stay in the present in my currrent season where God is still preparing me so I don’t transition prematurely. So, I feel like I’m holding on to impatience.

    I often wish that God would allow me to take this next step while being married. My heart desires that companionship, but His plan is different. God is teaching me what love looks like in Him and how God is my first companion. To juggle that and all the standards society has for relationships is hard.

    I truly just want to be financially stable. So, individually I don’t get caught up with that. But I have friends that do, so I sometimes struggle with guarding my heart so I don’t get distracted.

    I think some of the tests along this journey I have encountered have discouraged me at times. But what keeps me going is I know that God sustains me and that I will grow through each test. The enemy will try to trick me and tell me I’m alone during difficult times, but God reminds me that sometimes his help looks different than man’s help (and He will never leave me without support). So, understanding that piece of it is a process.

    The changes that need to be made is focusing on fully surrendering to God & making bigger steps towards that goal ( which starts with praying to God more and reading His word) I trust God with everything, but I don’t always demonstrate that.

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    • Thank you for sharing girlie! I too wished the same thing about transitioning with a spouse but in order to do that you have to have been in a relationship which I have not been in one in many many years LoL so that was out! But throughout this season of me moving back to Houston, God had to perform open heart surgery on me. My ideas of marriage, family and most importantly LOVE needed so BIG time transformations. I am so grateful for that because I could’ve gotten ahead of God and just settled for some of the guys I have dated during this season of life.

      In this next season I feel that God may have marriage attached to it so all of the preparation that I’ve been intentional about will all make sense in due timing.

      I have learned so much about myself just in the 3 years that I’ve been back in Houston, then I have my whole life. It was all necessary so that I will be prepared for whatever God has next for me. I don’t want to damage my witness due to the lack of preparation and seeking God.


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