Kissing my 20’s Goodbye………

Sooooooooooooo… I decided to do something a little different with this post since starting from Day 9 to Day 7 has been so emotional on so many levels. I wanted to give some advice and what God has been revealing to me. Well as you may or may not know, I am not an emotional crying type of person and for the longest I struggled thinking that I was incapable of being truly moved by the spirit. OH BOY has it been a feeling of breakthrough after breakthrough in those areas that I have been praying for years about. When God delivers and answers those prayers… I can’t describe the feelings. Just know that those are the moments when true intimacy with God takes place. Even through the ups and downs of this week alone, I know I AM  victorious with Christ. Cling tightly to His hand. Trust His plan and that has been my go to promise for this last week of my 20’s. I know that I am walking into a new season and new adventures and will not let ANYTHING stop me!!!

On a funny note… So today I had some super precious kiddos and one little girl that was a cute and innocent as she could be said “Ms. C you look like you’re 15” I said WHAT??? 15? That’s pretty young don’t ya think LoL! Then she said well how old are you and I told her I’ll be 30 next Friday and her EYES GOT SO BIG AND BRIGHT 🔆 AND SAID WOOOOOW!!! I thought that was too cute. I know I look young but geeze 15???


What do you think? 15 or nah

I know that in this current season of my life God is equipping me to do some powerful things and trust me it has not been an easy journey. I am forever thankful for those people that are in my life that support, love me, encourage and grow with me. WOW ONE MORE WEEK TO GO… WHAT SHOULD I DO EACH DAY?!? I THINK I’LL TREAT MYSELF TO SOMETHING SMALL EVERYDAY LEADING UP TO THE BIG 3-0! CAN’T WAIT






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