Kissing my 20’s Goodbye……..


At first I didn’t know why I chose this picture but then it came to me. I think I might see my mother in my facial expression LoL! There’s no denying that I’m my mother’s child.


Here’s my twin… I will admit it NOW LOL!! BUT I still think I look like my dad too. Anywho…
Here’s the recap of Day 11: I have learned that when God places someone on your heart, you need to do what He wants you to do because that person or persons really need what you have to say or need that hug etc. Well that’s exactly what I did yesterday. I was able to pass on some wisdom that I was taught by a dear and close person to my heart. As I spent time with this individual, God showed me that He is the same way with us. He helps us when we are in need and He has grace with us. He gives us chances and reveals a new way of doing things. I was in awe of God and His power. I did not take credit for any of it, I know that it’s all God. I am just a vessel and I don’t take that role lightly! Yesterday I was actually very proud of myself and how far I’ve come with God from the areas that I was drowning in before. DELIVERANCE!!! Passing on wisdom and being able to admit faults and struggles speaks volumes to your character. I am forever grateful to God for not giving up on me even when I did 😊😊😊😊😊 .

I have been blessed to my core today! When you pray for God to take you to another level of intimacy and having Him touch your soul with songs of praise, it gets overwhelming!!! Tears of joy flowed today as I drove to a school listening to a song called “TAKE OVER” by Anthony Evans feat. Tamela Mann. It completely took over me and me surrendering EVERY area of my life to God. I highly recommend this song to you.


Clearly this was before I put the song on LoL!!
So as I get to the school, I always say a prayer for the kiddos that I will be with. And I pray for myself to remain calm and showing Christ at all times. As I said before, I believe that kids can see your heart and if you are genuine. They will tell the honest truth!!! I had a fantastic group today. I played a little game with them called can you guess Ms. C’s age. I got guessing like 18 up to 36. There was 2 girls close and one actually guessed I was 29 and another one said 31. I told them I’ll be 30 in 10 days and they all *GASP*


I wanted to burst out laughing at the little boy that said 18! I had to put my HIGHER PRESCRIPTION GOD-GGLES (God goggles) on for some of the students LOL. But at the end of the day, they turned their behavior around. God always has a way of surprising you with how your react differently when you are walking with Him. I thank God for the growth. I can’t stop saying that, but it’s the truth!! Leaving a lasting memory is what it’s all about. After I left the school I headed home and got ready for the gym. I went to work out and I can totally feel my confidence level rising the more I go there! Then I went to a Bible study that was talking about self-esteem and how we are viewed through Christ. Today has been an emotional day for me for some reason and I am thankful for them because I’ve been in my Father’s lap all day. That’s my favorite place to be! I’ve been experiencing some different feelings lately and I’m not sure if it’s the 30’s creeping in or what. I know God is taking me to higher levels but I’m not sure where. I’m singing TAKE OVER LORD TAKE MY MIND AND MY WILL! I GIVE IT ALL TO YOU AND I NEED YOU MORE…. PRAISE GOD πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™




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