Kissing my 20’s Goodbye….


Day 18: My day began very chill then out of no where I burst into *cues music*…TURBO CLEANER!!! But this was a different turbo cleaner mode… It was all in my head!!! I had all of these great new ideas on what I wanted to clean and organize but in real life/time I only did a portion 😐 . It made me think about turning 30…as you can tell everything nowadays is making me think about my older age. I wondered if my actions were not going to equal up to my thoughts due to changes in my body. But then I thought to myself, my age is not the deciding factor to my actual work whether I’m pumped about it or not. It’s all about my attitude to keep pushing even when I get tired or unmotivated. So lesson learned…

Day 17: Well I have always said that kids keep you young and on your toes. I am blessed to be able to work with all different age groups of students. And oh was today one of those comical “keep you on your toes” kind of day. If you want to know the honest truth ask a child and they will definitely let you know. I just thank God for all of the kiddos and teaching me more about myself. After yesterday’s TURBO CLEANER MODE failure, I decided to put that back into play but this time plan it out a little bit differently. I’m not going to reveal what it is just yet but know that it’s under construction right now🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧. My only thoughts about age today was I don’t think my body is adjusting well to this age thing because I’m still up all hours of the night. OH I just thought about my first thought of aging today… Well after I washed my face this morning it was dryer than its been before so I’m not sure if that happens once you knock on 30’s door. Ok I’m done LoL!!!

Lesson of the day: Confession time: I have been struggling with spending money on myself. Meaning I find myself nowadays second guessing if I should buy something for myself that is a treat/reward like shoes or clothes. So today I literally debated for hours if I thought I deserved those few items. I’m happy to say that I won and bought a few items for myself. It made me thank God for the growth that I’ve experienced because there was a time when I would just spend money and not think twice about it. That’s definitely a THANK YOU GOD moment. I’ve learned that maturing comes from being deeper in God and not with age. I love giving more to others than myself, which is another THANK YOU GOD moment. Deliverance is what I long for!!! It felt good to treat myself and I know that it won’t happen again for a while LoL!!

Stay tuned….


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