Kissing my 20’s Goodbye……


Day 15: Started off very calm and quiet. I worked on a few things and cleaned some more. My quiet time with God was very comforting and I absolutely cherish the time I spend with Him daily. As you can tell from the picture I was on my way out the door for day 2 of my Tight and Right journey to 30. Unfortunately nothing funny happend at the gym other than me putting my actual age in and it actually lowered my HR target zone which meant I was worse off than if I was 30. But no worries I am super motivated now!

Thinking that since I went to workout for 2 days straight I would be exhausted and asleep before 9 o’clock… Ummmmmm so I’m definitely going to stop listening to myself about that because I was up until 1 something. All I do know is I did fall asleep before 2 AM and I was very proud of myself. I knew I had to wake up earlier on Friday but it didn’t help me fall asleep quicker. Before I went to bed I watched one of my favorite shows of all time… MARTIN also thinking I could laugh myself to sleep… WRONG AGAIN! That’s the end of Day 15.

Day 14: Waking up to my alarm that felt like you JUST closed your eyes is not a fun way to start your Friday. I woke up and had my morning time with God which had a reoccurring theme of patience and trust. I know how I am when I do not get enough sleep and so does God. I sometimes deal with fragile children and I am not always as “fragile” as I should be. But today I needed that reminder this morning with my students I had today. We had a wonderful time as always but I felt myself wanting to say things in a not so fragile way. I don’t ever want to be the cause of a kid having a bad memory or a scar from a teacher that hurt their feelings.


As school ended I was debating if I would go workout right after or wait for a couple of hours. I looked at the weather and I decided to go right after work. Today’s workout was a great one and I walked in confidently with a plan and what machines I wanted to use. Soon I’ll be wearing the title Queen of the Gym 👑 LoL I’m just kidding. I feel great and I love the feeling after I work out. Afterwards I decided that I was going to have a relaxing evening. I picked up some food and rented 2 movies from Redbox. In exactly 2 weeks until I turn 30, I have been doing a lot of reflecting which has led me to my ending message. I am so content in this season of my life and I L❤ve how God is showing me things about myself especially as I embark upon this milestone of my life. Enjoying all of these events leading up to my big 3-0 has made it even better AND to share it with each of you special people. But I pray that I am sleep before 1 LoL!!?




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