Kissing my 20’s Goodbye………..


Day 4: Let me first start off by saying… God has a way of putting you where HE needs you to be and with whom HE needs you to cross paths with. Monday was such a refreshing and fun day. So exactly a year ago when I moved back to Houston, I was asked to join a mentor group for middle school aged kids. I was very reluctant to do it at first. When you have a calling on your life, God is going to place you where He needs you to be even if you aren’t open to it. That’s exactly what He did and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ MY FIVE STAR FAMILY 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Not only do we mentor the child, we show them Christ and they get an opportunity to accept Him at a summer camp. My passion and purpose is for young girls that need guidance and godly advice. They need a positive role model in their lives and a listening ear. God designed me to be in this position to do that. I am grateful that He created others to do the same thing. Ok so back to my day, we had a coaches meeting to discuss how we can take things to a whole other level with the kiddos. Afterwards we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants to hang out and start the week of my birthday celebration. We had a blast and new friendships were created along with the deepening of others. I am so blessed to have such selfless people that I can actually call my friends. Monday was a great day!!!!!


Day 3: The Five Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 kick off… Well I’m not going to lie and say that I had the best attitude going into the school. I was totally excited but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. That happens when the enemy tries to knock you off of your purpose path. So my focus was on the wrong thing. I was caught up in numbers and why I had so many girls which again losing focus on the bigger picture. I was getting frustrated because they were talking too much not listening etc. So I said a quick prayer so I didn’t go off and say the wrong thing that would ruin my ministry. So during our group time I talked to them and stated some things I observed and what needs to change and we were good. They opened up about some things and you guys know about my sensitivity levels rising LoL, it caused me to get a little emotional because God opened my eyes to why I had so many girls and why I had these particular ones. I’m who they need to stand in the gap for them and pray for them. They need so much that only God can give. He is using me to be His vessel. I know that it is not about me. And it amazes me how my perspective has completely flipped. It’s not all about Candyce… It’s about building God’s kingdom by any means necessary. Also let me tell you how sneaky the enemy is… My plan was to go to a Bible study after I left the school. So it was much later than the time I should have left in order to be on time so I was debating if I should go or not. I’ve me learned that when I start questioning things, that’s the enemy trying to block me from hearing a word of God. So I went anyways and y’all when I tell you EVERYTHING that I had been struggling I with and needed God’s answers was talked about. I love it when God works like that because it’s like he is personally taking that moment to speak to you. My heart was full ❤️


Day 2: Giving back is what I have a passion for. So in lieu of me turning 30, I decided to get a group of friends together to go help out at the Houston Food Bank where we packed 1940 backpack buddy meals for students don’t get food over the weekend. We were able to bless them. So let me tell you about my amazing friends, they came out to help and gave their time to help feed someone else. Black is my favorite color so I asked them to wear black with me so we could stick out together LoL. We had a system going we were dancing, singing having a blast while packing food for the less fortunate families. I would recommend getting a group together and help out anyway you can. Ok here’s my sensitivity moment… They decided to show a YouTube video on the backpack buddies program. Oh boy why did they do that? They had me and a couple of my friends in my group (I’m not going to mention any names *cough cough*) all teary eyed. I’m guessing they decided to show us that so we can know the great impact that it has on the community. I just love the kids and kids are my business!! And to top it off we got sponsors from Torchy’s Taco to feed us. There was over 150 volunteers. Oh and being apart of the Houston food bank Young professionals group has helped me to stay involved. I’m on the programming committee so we plan amazing events like our Helpie hour from last night. I challenge you to get involved in your town and make an impact in the lives of others….



‘TIL NEXT TIME MY LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One thought on “Kissing my 20’s Goodbye………..

  1. Beautiful things for a beautiful person. God’s love is good and for those who heed His calling, there is nothing that can stop you! You are on fire with the Spirit and being the vessel and beacon of light to so many lives, seen and unseen! Many more blessings to come! Thanks for sharing your testimonies!

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