Do you want the real deal or a knockoff?


🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪🚪 Settling for imitations of love are like all of these closed doors. You are dancing in the hallways of “bliss” & “happiness” only to realize that you don’t have the right key 🔑 to open any of those doors. All of those doors represent something different in each of our lives. For example, one door could represent a relationship that you have invested so much time and wasted energy that functions outside of the will of God. Another door could be a job that you have but it’s not stretching or growing you into your purpose. Or a door that was closed by God in order to protect you from what you thought you wanted. Whatever these closed doors represent to you is something that you are going to have to take to God in prayer and ask him to show you why they are closed.

When we settle for knock offs, we are telling God that we don’t deserve His best for us and that we are ok with whatever comes our way. If it doesn’t line up with God’s word then it is an imitation and we should have no part of that. Knowing your true worth and value has nothing to do with monetary values and materialistic views, it comes from knowing that Jesus died to save us from these knock offs that fill our hearts with lies.

Romans 5:8 but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Lies that say you should do whatever you can while you can, you’re only young for a short while so do it, this person really loves you so accept it and love them back even if they are living contrary to God, your biological clock is ticking so hurry up and get a man/woman no matter what his/her view point is of God etc. And the list goes on and on of these imitations. So I’m asking you, do you know what true love is and what does that look like in your life? You have to be careful with those knock offs because they not only will lead to those closed doors everytime but heartache, stress, possible drugs and emptiness just to name a few. Trying to use those knock offs as the real deal will only lead to mediocrity and disappointments. There’s no way the hallway  “bliss” dance will ever supply you with the REAL love that God has for you.

His love will unlock those doors and will never be a knock off! I have been a victim of accepting the knock offs and dancing in the “blissful” hallway thinking that I was really enjoying life and “making things happen”. I had to learn what God’s love really meant and how that looked in my life. Accepting His real love will change your whole approach on life (relationships, attitudes, how you treat people, walking in your purpose, experience joy, eternal gain and kingdom building etc.) Walking through those doors will take you to another level in experiencing God’s love. He will never stop loving us no matter what BUT to understand and feel His love requires the imitations to be thrown out. When you love someone or something you naturally give your best and do not want to mess anything up. Give God your best and share His love to others so they can stop accepting the knock offs.

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Do you know what love means? ❤️

‘TIL NEXT TIME MY LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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God uses plain ordinary people to do extraordinary things!!!

wpid-1438642937078.jpgQuick question… Do you feel like you aren’t worthy or important enough to be used by God? Whatever your answer is please know that God can and will use anyone. He handpicked us all before the world was created to carry out His plan. Please be advised that God does not work on our time, He will make sure that you are fully equipped with whatever you need to be able to walk in your purpose. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I know personally that when I am going through my prep phase, I am a complete hott mess. By a hott mess I mean… I don’t look like “Candyce”, I am soft-spoken, calm, slow to speak, patient and full of worry. Those are what I call my self-destruction traits because I look perfectly relaxed and prepared on the outside but inside my heart I am ready to explode.

One of my prep phases was one of my lowest points in my life. Disappointment after disappointment seemed as if it should have been my middle name because of how often it was happening and how I held onto that as my new identity. Later realizing that those disappointments were a setup for my purpose and His plan for my life, allowed me to experience actually walking in God’s purpose for my life. If you are doubting God, let me be the one to tell you DON’T GIVE UP ON HIM!!! He will never give up on you.

I will say that walking in your purpose, things will start happening and you will not understand why or how they occurred. Just know that God has paved the way for you and will open doors that no man can shut. He will make sure that you are fully prepared for your purpose and He will make sure that you are doing your part by getting prepared as well. If you need some preparation tips here are some:
•Pray daily
•Study and read the Bible
•Apply all of the scriptures that you are reading
•Read devotionals
•Attend church & Bible Study groups regularly
•Take your mask off (true self)
•Open your full ♡ to God
•Get an accountability partner that can help you stay on track
•Enjoy God’s creations
•No worrying

Throughout my transition period aka prep phase, God was working on me to prepare me for this point of my life. He allowed me to be able to work with twice as many kids as I was before which now makes sense to why I left one position to work in another position. It will sound and look completely crazy to others because God did not give them the eyes (brain power)to fathom your purpose so beware of criticism, laughter, lack of support and ridicule. It will come especially when you are doing work for God’s kingdom! Keep your head up my loves, God has your back! TO BE CONTINUED….TIL NEXT TIME MY LOVES!!!


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